It is important to insure almost everything these days and car rental is no different. Insuring your rental will ensure that you travel safely and in peace, without having to worry about any harm encountered on the way. Car rental in Toronto has insurance offers that will help you through the entire tour. Here are a few things that will help you understand why rental insurance is important.

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Another name for rental insurance is waiver for collision damage. This covers any and every damage caused to the car during the entire rental period. Even if your car gets stolen, that too will be taken care of by the insurance. Personal accidents, can also be covered, as such offers are available with a number of agencies. This insurance will also include death benefits and medical expenses as well as effects coverage and liability insurance. Car rental in Toronto will offer you such advantages during your car rental transactions with them.


Sometimes the driver already carries the insurance policy withheld, regardless of whether the company has offered it to you. The coverage for mishaps like death, accidents, thefts, medical expenses are all available under the collision and comprehensive policy.

Things to Consider

Credit cards that provide rental car insurance must be definitely considered as suggested by Car rental in Toronto. MasterCard, Visa and other major credit card companies offer insurance for your rental car in case of damage. The coverage varies with each type of card, so you may seek advice from a bank official or the person who had issued the card and get all the information necessary.


You might not always be the one causing damage to your rental, as there can be other issues as well, the damage might be caused by natural calamities, or even the valet. In such circumstances it is important to have an insurance to fall back on. Also the deductible as claimed by certain insurances is usually higher than the one claimed by the rental insurance companies. They usually take the responsibility for bearing the expenses if necessary.

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There are websites where you will find information on insurances. Car rental in Toronto says that often on these websites you will find that rental insurance will add an amount of $10 to $20 to the cost of the rent. The liability will add between $8 and $16 with an addition of $4 in case of accidents and in case of personal effects the amount added will be between $2 and $3.

Rental insurance is for liability, an agreement between the insurer and the insured that will ensure that you are not accountable for any damage done to the car. So before you plan your trip make sure you do a lot of research on rental car insurance. Choose the company that you want to deal with, Car rental in Toronto can be your one stop solution for all your rental insurance concerns. So now that you know all the necessary steps, you can avail of the best insurance policies suited to your purpose.